TJC Engineering is a single-source provider of services developed to carry out complex construction and remediation projects. We achieve project objectives and control costs through Total-Cost Management (TCM). TJC Engineering’s TCM approach balances the benefits of a project with the full spectrum of cost impacts, considering the technical merit of project solutions, constructability, operability, and reliability. TJC Engineering’s objective is to provide responsive and quality services tailored to satisfy the Client’s project requirements. TJC Engineering’s services have been developed from the Client’s perspective. Tim Culp P.E. President of TJC Engineering worked for ten years in private industry for a major mining company designing solution-oriented projects, negotiating with regulatory agencies, and supervising construction. TJC Engineering is a “Client” oriented company developed from experience being the “Client”. TJC Engineering, Inc has been named the Louisville District Army Corp of Engineers Small Business of the year!