OffererTJC Engineering, Inc.
Contract NumberW912QR-04-D-0015-0015
Original Completion Date07/13/2005
Original Value$495,685.00
Type of ContractFirm Fixed Price
RolePrime Contractor
Award Date02/17/2005
Final Completion Date07/15/2006
Final Value$551,640.00
LocationCincinnati, OH

Project Description

Final Evaluation Rating: Above Average

Work under this contract consisted of the design & installation of Physical Security Improvements and Electronic Security System (ESS) for the West Fork Lake Facility.  These improvements included: completed final ESS design, proximity card readers/key pads, balanced magnetic switches, tamper switches, volumetric sensors, fencing, forced-entry doors, security covers/cages, closed circuit television cameras, local processors, head-end electronic security system, head-end closed circuit television system, fiber optic back bone, barriers, lighting, UPS, and all other equipment and components necessary for a complete and operational system as described below.  (ESS headend components shall be located in an office/maintenance building supply room.) Assessment zones for ESS shall be identified and programmed within the head-end equipment for maximum system efficiency and control. 

All data and power runs under pavement, under roads and across dam shall be in buried conduit at required depths, unless otherwise approved by the Project Delivery Team (PDT).  Data and power runs for Conduit/Outlet improvements shall traverse directly upslope to top of dam. The new ESS system shall be compatible with, and capable of being remotely monitored from an offsite location without the addition and/or installation of any additional equipment, software, or system devices, and shall interface with the existing commercial monitoring system and dialer.  ESS shall also be monitored from a workstation located within the Office/Maintenance Building. An ESS final design shall include plans for electronic component locations; power, data and video wiring run requirements and locations, and equipment lists for review by the PDT, which shall be reviewed and approved by the PDT prior to implementation. The final design shall include an ESS design narrative, calculations and plans for review by the PDT & Independent Technical Review Team (ITR). Approval shall be given prior to implementation. All egress and fire exits shall meet fire and life safety codes.