OffererTJC Engineering, Inc.
Contract NumberN62467-05-C-0196
Original Completion Date09/01/2007
Original Value$5,600,000.00
Type of ContractFirm Fixed Price
RolePrime Contractor
Award Date09/01/2005
Final Completion Date09/01/2007
Final Value$4,957,648.05
LocationMeridian, MS, Naval Air Station

Project Description

Final Evaluation Rating: Outstanding

Hurricane Katrina inflected damage to physical assets including military housing, commercial facilities, flight line support facilities, roads, bridges, and stream embankments.  Southern Division Naval Engineering Command contracted TJC September 4, 2005 as the single contractor to complete restoration at this Naval Air Station Facility.  

TJC mobilized work crews September 6, 2005 and completed temporary roof work September 18, 2005.  TJC is currently completing permanent repair to commercial and residential physical assets impacted by the hurricane at the NAS Meridian, MS Facility.  TJC completed all work September of 2007. 

Scope of Work:

TJC completed approximately 49 identified tasks as part of this single contract including:

  • Temporary Roof Repair
  • Completed temporary roof repairs to all buildings within 10 days of mobilization.
  • Debris Removal
  • Began debris removal within 3 days of mobilization with full crews and equipment.  TJC crews hauled more debris in to the Lauderdale Landfill than all other contractors combined for the months of September and October.

Design / Build Task Orders:

  • EFIS Replacement – D/B
  • Pavilion Replacement – D/B
  • Storm water Collection and Parking Area Improvements – D/B 

EFIS Unique Design
Project Challenges:

  • TJC proposed to the Navy to develop a EFIS-like system absent drywall board which is susceptible to mold and decay when exposed to moisture. TJC developed an alternate system which uses “wonder board” – concrete as a substitute for the drywall in conjunction with a modified Gold Bond stucco.  TJC performed various field tests, gained the Navy’s approval and used this system to repair a major two story complex.
  • The Navy adopted this system for TJC’s $19.3 million D/B Barracks Restoration and has adopted this approach throughout other Navy installations.