OffererTJC Engineering, Inc.
Contract NumberN62467-05-D-0182-0002
Original Completion Date02/27/2008
Original Value$7,490,000.00
Type of ContractTask Order
RolePrime Contractor
Award Date02/27/2007
Final Completion Date05/20/2008
Final Value$8,328,202.36
LocationGulfport, MS

Project Description

Final Evaluation Rating: Satisfactory

Work consists of AT/FP upgrades for two access gates in Gulfport, MS. The design-build project includes two guard houses and one 6000 square foot visitor center.  

TJC designed fully compliant AT/FP facilities with remote security monitoring and barrier activation.  TJC integrated aesthetic features such as painted concrete pipe bollards in to the design to soften the AT/FP impact on the overall Base Architectural Plan.


Barrier was not installed per plans and drawings at Pass Road.  QC Manager required contractor to re-work wall to meet plans and drawings.

Engineered fill failed compaction tests due to unsuitable soil.  Bad soil was hauled off-site and replaced with clean fill material and acceptable compaction test results were achieved.