OffererTJC Engineering, Inc.
Contract NumberDAFK23-01-D-0217
Original Completion Date08/22/2004
Original Value$5,374,180.42
Type of ContractMATOC (Lump Sum)
RolePrime Contractor
Award Date07/23/2003
Final Completion Date08/22/2004
Final Value$5,266,208.11
LocationFt. Campbell, KY

Project Description

Final Evaluation Rating: Outstanding or Above Average on all six

This project involves the design and construction of new guard gate and vehicle inspection facilities for six (6) secured access points at Ft. Campbell, KY. 25% of work completed with own forces.

  • Demolition and removal of existing guard shelters
  • Construction of guard houses (ballastic level 1)
  • Construction of vehicle inspection canopies
  • Road work to improve/ increase entry and exit from base
  • Install/ improve site utilities to include drainage and fiber optics
  • Install entry point security systems (Jersey walls, cable reinforce crash fencing, traffic control mechanisms).
  • Landscaping
  • Site lighting

Unique Project Conditions: TJC Management worked with Fort Campbell project representatives to field adapt initial building layouts to optimize site utilization and facility features. Among eight gate design/construction projects completed at Fort Campbell, these five completed by TJC were the only gate projects completed on time.