OffererTJC Engineering, Inc.
Contract NumberW912QR-06-D-0008-0076
Original Completion Date01/15/2009
Original Value$1,052,000.00
Type of ContractFirm Fixed Price
RolePrime Contractor
Award Date09/17/2008
Final Completion Date01/15/2009
Final Value$1,450,000.00
LocationJasper County, Illinois approximately 40 miles northwest of Vincennes, Indiana

Project Description

Final Evaluation Rating: Above Average

The project consists of the repair of three beaches in the Saint Marie Levee along the existing alignment and de-watering/repairing the scour holes. 

Ground crews faced other challenges including:

  • 49,000cy of scour hole de-water/repair
  • 4,800cy of clay cap on scour hole
  • 1,700cy of inspection trenches
  • Over 19,000cy of embankment material compacted, disked, moistened/aerated mixed with lime and aligned with existing levee
  • Five acres of seeding/fertilizing

This project was completed in a fraction of the allotted time period concurrently with two other similar projects.
Equipment was mobilized within 24 hours of initial site visit.

Ground crews worked daylight hours seven days a week at the USACE request.