OffererTJC Engineering, Inc.
Contract NumberW912QR-06-D-0008-0085
Original Completion Date04/12/2009
Original Value$1,500,000.00
Type of ContractFirm Fixed Price
RolePrime Contractor
Award Date11/13/2008
Final Completion Date04/12/2009
Final Value$2,100,000.00
LocationKnox County, IN

Project Description

Final Evaluation Rating: Above Average

Replace levee setback from existing levee, repair Breach 2 and 3 via reconstruction along the original alignment, repair scour holes associated with Breach 1 and Breach 2, repair a 2005 scour hole in between Breach 1 and Breach 2, repair a bank and levee toe failure via levee stabilization measures, and repair an embankment seepage area via removal and reconstruction of the levee.